About Mohawk

The Mohawk 3D golf aligner was created by three guys with a passion for golf, 3D printing and a modern approach to product design. Our goal was to get innovation in the hands of everyday players, faster.

When we heard about the vernier acuity principle and learned that a three line design could help golfers putt 10 - 15% more accurately, we knew we had to act. Golfers everywhere should benefit, regardless of what golf ball they play.

So we built a better mousetrap. Most golf ball stenciling products allow the ball to move freely. While this makes them cheaper to produce, it often leads to a poor result. We wanted a product that snapped into place, holding the ball firmly while the lines were being drawn.

Recent advancements in 3D printing technology allowed us to go from concept to finished product in just a few short months. But unlike the past, where 3D printing was only used for prototyping, we designed the Mohawk to be 3D printed as a final product. It’s printed as one piece and is ready for use, straight out of the machine. It’s printed using a tough PA-12 nylon that’s guaranteed to perform for years and years.

Unlike other products in its category, the Mohawk is made in the USA by a Veteran owned business. Why? Because Merica, that’s why!

So if you’re looking for a putting stencil, we encourage you to choose the most advanced, technology enabled, American made product on the market today.

Mohawk Your Balls!