Technology Is Bringing Pro-Level Advantages to the Amateur Golfer

What would you shoot if you made 15% more of your putts? The golf equipment industry tailors to the professional golfer’s every whim and desire, understandably, but we lowly amateurs rarely get that type of attention and advantage when it comes to the equipment in our bags. This past February, Phil Mickelson showed up to the AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm with a new piece of equipment. It wasn’t a new driver. It wasn’t a new set of irons or a new putter. It was something much more subtle. Phil had three lines on his golf ball instead of the one most players use. It took a few holes, but then the announcers picked up on it and by the second round, it was the talk of the course. Eventually, Phil went on to win the tournament. 

The company that made the ball is now selling them commercially for $44.99 per dozen. CDJ Designs posed a simple question: What if this was available to the weekend golfer on any golf ball of their choosing? And from that question, Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner was born.

The Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner doesn’t just look awesome, but it’s based on science. The Vernier Acuity Principle is a type of visual acuity, and more precisely, hyperacuity. The principle stems from opponent color theory, founded in 1892 by Karl Hering. This theory states that the human visual system interprets information about color by processing signals from cone cells and rod cells in an antagonistic manner. Because of this phenomenon, spatial recognition occurs in certain visual tasks that exceed visual acuity by about an order of magnitude (such as three lines on a golf ball with the centerline being a different size and color). In golf, what this means is that it allows you to better interpret the intended aiming point of your golf ball. 

Using revolutionary, new technology in the 3D printing industry, Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner is printed in one piece, ready to use straight from the machine. Mohawk snaps into place around the golf ball to ensure that the ball won’t rotate while using the stencil. Made from PA-12 nylon, this production is guaranteed to last for years. Shipped with different, double-edged markers in your choice of colors, Mohawk can be tailored to your visual preferences as well. Mohawk is made in the USA by a veteran-owned company.

Bring the professional advantage to your weekend foursome and order yours today at




Dustin Lehmann is the Co-Founder and COO of CDJ Designs (the product development company that developed and markets the Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner.) He is also the CEO of Risers Consulting, a firm that specializes in legal aid, business consulting, and community outreach. Dustin has also founded The Leadership Group, a non-profit that speaks to fraternities on the topics of identity and masculinity as well as helping soldiers transition from soldier to student. 

Dustin also writes on numerous topics from both his time in service and what he has experienced since transitioning from the military. His original content has been featured in The Good Men Project, Black Rifle Coffee Company, and Golfwrx. 


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