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Dominate the Mediocre with Mohawk

Say you recently bought a Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner and now you're putting lights out. At this point, maybe you're thinking, "how should I capitalize on my newfound superpower?" Perhaps its time to join the MGA. What does that stand for, you ask? It's the Mediocre Golf Association. Wait, WTF? Well, here's the group's mantra: "We all love golf and most of us have played for years, yet somehow we still suck at it. Since the PGA Tour stopped returning our calls a long time ago, we created our own league in 2006. Since then, the MGA has gone global with chapters golfing, enjoying beer and meeting cool new people worldwide!" Here's how it works: "Any non-douche who gets it" can join their...

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Technology Is Bringing Pro-Level Advantages to the Amateur Golfer

What would you shoot if you made 15% more of your putts? The golf equipment industry tailors to the professional golfer’s every whim and desire, understandably, but we lowly amateurs rarely get that type of attention and advantage when it comes to the equipment in our bags.

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