Drop Bombs like God with a Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner

***EDIT*** This post was written and published before the lightning strikes at East Lake. We in no way intend to make light of those involved and us here at Team Mohawk wish those injured a speedy and full recovery. 
Recently, the 7th hole at Eagle Creek Golf Club and Grill was struck by lightning. The golf club posted about the incident on Facebook, saying "We at Eagle Creek Golf Club would like to congratulate God on his almighty hole-in-one. Not sure what tees he played or what the distance was or what club he used, but what a great shot!".
While Mohawk Golf might not be able to help you with that 185-yard 6 iron over water to a tucked pin, we can help you hole the putt once you make it to the green. Using science, Mohawk Golf's revolutionary new stencil can help help you putt up to 15% more accurately. 
And here's the science:


SO order yours today, and drop bombs from anywhere on the green...or off, just like God. 

Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner is 3D printed using state-of-the-art technology. It's also Made in the USA by a Veteran owned company.

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