Don't Use a Ball That Breaks the Rules, Get Mohawk Instead

Nissan recently developed a golf ball that automatically finds the hole every time.

Hawkeye (yes that one from the Avengers) retired from being a superhero and tried to take up golf. His first trip out he shot an eighteen, got bored, and never played again. Perfection on the golf course isn't really what the golfer is after. It's the pursuit of perfection that keeps everyone coming back for more. It's hitting the center of the club and watching the ball sail exactly as you saw it in your mind's eye. It's draining the twenty-footer for birdie on the last hole to win five bucks off your buddy. It's watching it on TV and trying to imitate the moves of some of the greatest players on Earth. 

And it's in that spirit the Mohawk Golf appeals to the average golfer and those seeking to get better alike. Mohawk Golf doesn't guarantee that any golfer will hole every putt they look at, but what Team Mohawk does do is uses science to help golfers putt up to 15% better than with a Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner. So get your Mohawk on today, and drain more of those twenty-footers.

Mohawk is 3D printed and made in the USA by a Veteran owned company.

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