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Mohawking Balls at the PGA Merchandise Show

The annual PGA Merchandise Show takes place next week (January 22-24, 2020) in Orlando, Florida. The team from Mohawk will be onsite, and we want to meet with you! Actually, we're attending in two capacities. First, as part of our day jobs, two of us are members of the media, writing for several publications. We’ll be at the show, reporting on many of the exciting new products and industry announcements. For my part, I’ll be focusing on how technology is impacting the golf industry. Given that the Mohawk is 3D printed, we obviously think additive manufacturing has the potential to change how golf products are conceived, produced and sold. I’ll be talking with some of the industry’s biggest players to...

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Dominate the Mediocre with Mohawk

Say you recently bought a Mohawk 3D Golf Aligner and now you're putting lights out. At this point, maybe you're thinking, "how should I capitalize on my newfound superpower?" Perhaps its time to join the MGA. What does that stand for, you ask? It's the Mediocre Golf Association. Wait, WTF? Well, here's the group's mantra: "We all love golf and most of us have played for years, yet somehow we still suck at it. Since the PGA Tour stopped returning our calls a long time ago, we created our own league in 2006. Since then, the MGA has gone global with chapters golfing, enjoying beer and meeting cool new people worldwide!" Here's how it works: "Any non-douche who gets it" can join their...

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Don't Use a Ball That Breaks the Rules, Get Mohawk Instead

Perfection on the golf course isn't really what the golfer is after. It's the pursuit of perfection that keeps everyone coming back for more. It's hitting the center of the club and watching the ball sail exactly as you saw it in your mind's eye. It's draining the twenty-footer for birdie on the last hole to win five bucks off your buddy. It's watching it on TV and trying to imitate the moves of some of the greatest players on Earth.

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